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Catching up.
Sunday, February 26, 2012 10:21 PM
Belated happy 4th anniversary to my blog!!!!!

You touched my heart baby
10:02 PM
Hello readers! I have internet connection again, but it's the prepaid kind of thing. So when the 120 hours free is used, I will be inactive again. Or not?

Soooooo... how's life? Mine's been rough lately. I can't tell it into details. But I swear from now on, I'll be blogging a lot again.

I missed this. My sanctuary :)

Make me your lady
Sunday, December 11, 2011 6:44 PM
I'm so sorry if there are still readers left. I still have no net and it's killing me. It's been 5 months!

Here's a rundown of what happened in those months.
My love life is exactly not fine but very complicated. I can't explain it here because I don't have the guts and most importantly, I DON'T WANNA BE JUDGED.
It's just I can't have the one I love again. Same old same old.

Studies. I've been a scholar since 2nd term. It was a great help. But still, I'm gonna be delayed for 2 terms or even 3. Since I'm specializing in Culinary Arts, I wasn't able to get my majors because of a pre-requisite subject. All my majors are pre-requisite to that subject. Dammit! And I wasn't able to encode on time, sections were dissolved for that subject. So lucky me. Boo hoo.

Family. Still the same. Overprotective forever!

AAAAAND! I'm finally 18. I'm legal. I didn't get anything I want for this birthday. I didn't get my dream BlackBerry, which I was rooting for since I entered college. I didn't get my hair permed which was my dream ever since high school! FMLLLLLLLLL!

Oh well. It happens. Sucks to be me.

Look who's here
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 9:43 PM
Hello readers.

Sorry for the hiatus. I've no net since July. So many things have happened for those months that I was inactive. My love life, family and school. Once everything's okay. I promise to blog everything, every tiny detail.

I miss you all :) I will be back! Promise.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 5:34 PM
I'm finding it hard to blog here about my unrequited love(lol) because I want to talk in Tagalog but I'm preserving this to be an English blog. That's why whenever there's something that I need to rant on a daily basis or just because my emotions are kicking in so much, I blog it at Tumblr. Forgive me blogger for abandoning you.

Anyway, I'm here to make an English version of my blog post regarding him.

Yes, I finally succumbed to liking him. I always expect things to happen. But I did not expect something like seeing him with the girl he likes which he is courting/used to court. I'm not really sure what to believe. A friend says something while he says the opposite. That's the confusing part. Well, it was silly of me to expect something when what he just said was that, he's not sure if it's gonna work out between them. But seeing them together made my heart broke. I wanted to cry at that very moment.

So at that moment, I decided to forget and avoid him.

While I was watching a movie, I can't forget what I saw. It was just the two of them, they're doing nothing but talking yet I don't know why I find it so heartbreaking. I can't even understand what I was watching because of that. Then I saw him get in the room.. I wanted to run. I wanted to escape. I need to get away but I can't. That's absurd. It was time for them to go to class, I was starting to avoid him but he talked to me and teased me. I was ready to go home when he said that if I could wait for him because he still have a class. I agreed without a second thought. Time passed, we walked back together. It was sort of a heart fluttering moment when we're teasing each other with the semi holding hands? I forgot what I saw earlier that day. All I can think about was he was with me. Not her. He even walked me to Torre Lorenzo because that's where I ride the jeepney. Ain't that sweet? ;____;

Look at what he's doing. It's not easy to not expect. We're always together every Monday and Wednesday :| To top everything, in our class together, he even texted me because he's bored. For Pete's sake we're just in the same room. YOU SEE?! It's very hard to stop my feelings. :(
Can you not let your hopes up because of that?